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i believe you are beautiful. i believe people are to be cherished, all days, all ways. i am addicted to laughter, humor gives life! i make friends with amazing individuals and bring their insides out :) i give space to be real, to be accepted. i believe in images you can touch. i see now, the future value of a printed photograph. i create images you cant. live. without. :) i make life fun, way more fun!! click on an image below to take your to a blog post
  • 014_karlablair2015

    Super chill tacoma family photoshoot

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  • 019_2015-

    dad and me CASA fundraiser 2015

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  • 033_deena2015

    deceptive delights, yuuuuuummmmmy

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  • FERN-ft. steilacoom park model shoot

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  • 025_javiera2014-09A

    mom and me casa fundraiser

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  • 021_kellydomhank2014-06A

    super family

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  • IMG_7982web

    willow’s adult diva day

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  • 073_lindseymarshall2014

    black friday baby!!!

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  • costumedcuties2014

    costumed cuties fundraiser 2014

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  • 012_sandra2014

    bombshells, get beautiful!

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  • Victoria Victor

    i’ve been published! :)

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  • maui sunset secret beach

    maui sunset

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