she’s calm

a lot of kids have TONS of energy. i photograph them and they never stop moving, not even for a second. you sweat and sweat and laugh and chase, it’s energizing.

this little girl is an observer. she’s pretty calm and seems to have this “knowing” about her.  she’s a soft smiler most of the time (although mom and dad can get her going, its sooooo cute!) and for a minute here and there i thought i had lost my mojo, she’s just that peaceful.  she is the cutest thing with her chubby little face and her eyes are so very pretty. her parents just love her to death and it’s heart warming to see her dad play with her, they are two kids having fun :)








3 Responses to “she’s calm”

  1. Jennifer Wiggins says:

    I love the ones in the studio. This little girl is a doll!!!! The one in the leaves is cool too!!! You definately got it Willow!!!!!

  2. elle J says:

    The last one … so fun! And the window reflection … favorite.

  3. Tami says:

    The first one put a big smile on my face!

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