time keeps on ticking

i am a strong advocate for keeping your blog updated. for me, once a week is the number that keeps me happy. for me blogging is fun! i get to share my favorite images and share my thoughts. guess what? i’m not perfect! this poor blog of mine has been neglected in the last couple of months! and guess what else? i’m not going to beat myself up about it. i will put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward! i am one girl, running a business and my to do list feels like its going to eat me alive some days! chomp chomp! as long as i can keep that list down to nibbling on me, i’ll be ok :)

if you read this blog you know my sisters. they are pretty much famous around here :) my sister ali lives up in vancouver and when i go to see her there is no to do list, its basically vacation! no email, no cell, just lots of good food and sister time. its pretty much the best EVER. ali has the BEST hair. she’s a hair stylist and is so creative. i love her personal style, i’m inspired by it all the time. i dont think i would have the funk in my wardrobe without her influence. this past weekend she went and took the landmark forum. i am soooooo excited for her and where her path is going to take her after taking the forum! she is a beautiful person and i am glad to have her as a sister!

this spot is around the corner from her place, some random apartment building. when we walked by on the way to eat, i saw it and new it was the spot for our mini shoot. the day was pretty overcast but with a little pop of flash here and there, it doesnt look so gloomy!








6 Responses to “time keeps on ticking”

  1. Kimmy Meraz says:

    Ali you are a Knockout!!!!!!! Once again – beautiful photos Willow! *love*

  2. you guys are badass. seriously. love love love everytime you post pics of your sisters :) see you soon my dear!!!

  3. Eric says:

    Sweet. I Like the color tone. Thats a cool textured wall you used.

    keep shooting!

  4. Janet says:


  5. Michele says:

    Love those Willow. The light is amazing!

  6. Steffi says:

    Holy moly. These shots are absolutely breathtaking! And Ali is sooo stunning! Love how you captured her hair, her tattoos, and that gorgeous essence she always carries in all of her pictures.

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