pure joy…

this family…i hold close to my heart…

i’ve been photographing them since big sister was just a few months old! now there’s a little sister and OH…MY…GOSH she is sooooo cute! i actually had to spell it, not some little omg, no, the whole words in caps :)

there is a comfort in knowing someone. and as a photographer, you feel loved when people come back to see you and you get to continue the connection. ooooooh, i love what i do! i’m so grateful for people like this, that are a part of me, and help to create my GREAT life!


3 Responses to “pure joy…”

  1. Brett says:

    You do unbelieveable work, Willow. You’re amazing with our kids and extremely generous to us…that’s why we come back!

  2. Brad Schnepf says:


    I am the girls grand dad and I must have some of these pictures! They are fabulous. How do I order these?



  3. Karen Orr says:

    You have an amazing talent to capture a moment and a memory . . . what a gift you give our family with your work. Thank you for this treasure! KK

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