this was one of those shoots…that was so amazing…for a multiple of reasons…

lets start with max’s beautiful facial structure. oh. my. gawwwwwwwd. seriously. i dont think he has a bad angle and that is so very unusual in a face.

now lets talk about the lighinting. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! like jump up and down yes! i love the DRAMA.

then there is the background. a project that was recently completed and max what only the second person i photographed with it (not counting my sister sylvie helping me set up some lighting, thanks sister!). i am in LOVE with my creation! the look is vintage ceiling tiles (made out of thin foam) that i painted and dry brushed with a pewter color. i’ve havent done that much painting and no decorative painting, ever. granted, my first tile looks a little different than the other tiles… :)

and then, during the shoot, i asked max how he ended up using me. i’m not the least expensive photographer out there. max did this shoot for the cover of his mix tape, “unreasonably late”. he explained to me the process, the work he has put into it and the time. he wanted someone he could count on to deliver. believed in paying more for quality. i love it! ┬áit was really the icing on the cake :)

i know i say it all the time but i have to say it again- I LOVE MY JOB! :)

i love how different this image feels between B&W and color…





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  1. kenz says:

    OHHHHH I love the last one! those are sweet!

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