before every session, i get together with my client for a little “get tah know ya”, a consultation where we go over all the details of the shoot, and i find out about this person i am to photograph.

while getting to know them, i ask a lot of questions. and i manage to insert a few ideas and opinions.

mikaela told me she was thinking about moving to arizona and going to school there. but she was apprehensive. i get it! its scary to move away from everything you know and try something new.

its scary to do a lot of things in this life. i heard once that what scares you, you run towards it. do it! reward and experience are waiting for you!

i encouraged mikaela with this thought, saying that if it doesnt work out you can move back, right? when she came in for her session her mom said that she had decided to go ahead and move to AZ and that i had influenced her decision! how cool is that?? it pretty much made my day! i’m so excited for her to take this on, i know its going to be GREAT!








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