hair envy


i do a consultation before almost every shoot. it gives me a chance to get to know the people that i will be connecting with, and for them to get comfortable with me. i have been doing this since the beginning and i think it makes a big difference with how i am able to relate to the people that i photograph. with seniors, i meet with them and one of their parents to talk about the shoot and all the details. when i met this girl, she brought her dad with her to her consult, so cool. i dont get to meet dads a lot, and when i do, i love seeing how they relate to their kids.

i love it when peeps come in and they have a bit of funky style. i know then that they will bring some cool outfits and we will basicaly be having a “playdate” that will be called a photography session! :) i love clothes and fashion and when you combine that with photography i am in HEAVEN! then, add to that some sunshine, and i am transported to a place where i forget that we have rain 8 months of the year… :)

i seriously wish i could transplant this head of beautiful hair onto my head! oh the things i would do! she makes style look effortless…

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