this girl

I am…Canadian…female…38…oldest of 4…courageous…a lover…an artist…a big huge dork and proud of it 🙂

Given name: Willow

Residence: Tacoma

Occupation: full time photographer

Side jobs: friend, sister, daughter, girlfriend

Loves to: photograph, learn about people, help fellow photographers, drink coffee, go on vacation!!!

Can’t live without: my friends and family, and good hair 🙂

Fave Sayings:

It doesn’t hurt to ask

It could be worse

You don’t know unless you try

What’s the worst that could happen?

Go for it!


Voice: 1.888.229.9652




One thought on “this girl

  1. I have always been soo afraid of the camera! So I decided to overcome my fears and have Willow help me. It was the best thing I ever did. My photo shoot was amazing, I was soo ever looked and feel beautiful that day. Willow was the greatest and the best ladies!!! I just viewed my pics and they were all soo wonderful. Thank u Willow!!!! Muah

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