why would U?

When you have photographs of someone you love, you put them in beautiful frames and hang them on your wall.You sit them on your desk and carry them in your purse and wallet. You show them to your friends and they share theirs with you. They are a representation of what you value most in your life.

As time goes by, the people you love grow and change, right before your eyes. Those photographs become more and more valuable every day that passes.

On my dad’s fridge are photographs of us when we were kids. They show the way we were on the way to who we are now. Every time I look at them it takes me back to how I felt then, I love that feeling.

Photography is an investment. It will last a million times longer than that expensive flat screen TV you just purchased. Your photographs will give back to you in countless warm fuzzy feelings every time  you walk by and look at them. 🙂

It’s one of the few things you will have in your life forever…



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