I am so excited to announce the GROW in Tacoma workshop that Jenn @ Forty Toes and I are teaching on Saturday August 9th at my shared studio space here in Tacoma!! 🙂 Our intention is to help you LEARN and GROW by sharing our knowledge so you can take your business to the next level!


grow your viral marketing | grow your business using social media | grow your facebook presence


learn how to see the light | learn natural and flash | learn how to control your camera


a local gourmet lunch

photograph w/2 models in amazing outfits couture gowns by Love Baby J in a beautiful 2800 sq ft loft studio

  after workshop cocktail hour with Jenn + Willow

Are you ready to GROW?!?!?

Invest $750 in yourself and your business,


{Early bird $750 till July 13th. $1000 booked July 14th and later}

Add on available Friday August 9th afternoon

Mini Glam sessions with Willow for an additional $250 (includes hair and makeup)

Add on available Sunday August 10th morning

One on One mentoring sessions with Jenn for an additional $200

Payments accepted through Paypal and are non-refundable.

82 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. I would love to take this workshop! My first grandchild was born recently and I’m having a great time taking loads of pictures!!

  2. I am so excited, I’m hoping that I win this opportunity so I can attend. You both are so amazing and it would be a chance of a lifetime for me. Thank you so much for giving such an amazing opportunity for those unable to attend on our own.

  3. Words can’t even BEGIN to explain how badly I want/need to go to this! I started by business last year after I graduated College, but have been struggling BIG TIME trying to market myself and get the ball rolling. Since this is in the PNW of Washington I could actually go IF I had enough money! Thing Is.. i can barely pay my rent and I don’t.. BUT..If I won it would be SUCH a blessing!!! **fingers crossed and praying! **

  4. what an amazing and wonderful idea and giveaway i would love to win this to help e push my own business to the next level

  5. What an incredible opportunity this is! Thank you for your kindness & generosity at offering one very lucky person this workshop!

  6. These pictures are Fantastic. I would love to win a photography workshop to learn to take great pictures like you guys!!

  7. I would so love to attend a workshop!! Lighting rarely turns out as I have planned. Thanks for the opportunity!!

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